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Magan Cooper is our Regional Manager for AVS Clinics since 2018. As a student of Business at Pennsylvania State University, she always knew her ideal career was in business but she also knew she wanted to make her way into the Veterinary industry and what better place than to become part of AVS.  Originally from the outskirts of Houston, Texas, she found exactly where she needed to be working primarily out of our Uniontown, Pennsylvania location. Magan has experience in a variety of fields including; Project Management, Marketing & Design, Communications, Volunteer Coordination,  Business Law, and more. Her favorite parts of her job are interacting with the Founder, Managers, Doctors, and staff while supporting the growth and future of AVS. 

"This is much more than just a business, the team dynamic here is incredible and refreshing to see and to be a part of. I am so proud of everyone's effort, loyalty, and dedication to AVS. I look forward to being a part of Alpha's stability & growth."

-Magan Cooper

Regional Manager


Lauren is our Alpha Veterinary Service located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania's Practice Manager. She has been with AVS since 2015 and is originally from Farmington, Pennsylvania. She is recognized as a trusted leader in the clinic and serves as a loyal and dedicated team member at AVS. She is a valuable resource to AVS Management, staff, and Doctors. Lauren's favorite parts of her job with AVS is being able to expand her knowledge in veterinary medicine. She enjoys working alongside our Veterinary Doctors and provide her support in determining treatment & wellness plans for clients. Lauren loves to see so many different clients of all walks of life each and every day. On Lauren's spare time, outside the world of Veterinary medicine, she enjoys reading her favorite books, going to the gym, listening to podcasts, cleaning, and spending time with her own fur babies. Lauren's ultimate goal is to further her career in Veterinary Medicine by getting her Veterinary Technician license. 

"Shout out to all the Doctors and Technicians. Thank you for all that you do!" 

-Lauren Nemal

Practice Manager


Sara Yurko is the Practice Manager of our Morgantown, West Virginia location. Sara originally joined the "Alpha" team in 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant. Originally from Wheeling, West Virginia. She has 7+ years of experience in the Veterinary field and proved herself as one of our most valuable assets to AVS. Her passion since childhood has always been to help animals in need as her father is a Veterinarian and she is always ready for a challenge. On Sara's spare time she loves spending time with her family and friends, enjoys her hobby in photography, and kayaking. She was promoted to Practice Manager in 2019 and continues to have the "Alpha" mentality by not only being a fantastic tech but a team leader and manager by training new staff and helping in any area that she is needed. 

"Sara, we appreciate you more than you know. Keep up the good work and know that we are so happy that you are part of the Alpha team!"

-AVS Management

Practice Manager


Morgan is one of our Veterinary Assistants at AVS Vet Express in Morgantown, West Virginia. She is originally from Morgantown, WV and is always full of smiles.  Morgan has been with AVS since 2018. She achieved her Bachelor's degree at Fairmont State University in Marketing with hopes to one day open her luxury doggy daycare and boarding facility. She is steadily gaining experience with AVS and easily adapts to any situation. Outside her work in the Veterinary field, Morgan enjoys hiking, spending time on the lake, just being outdoors, cooking and baking! Her favorite parts of her job are contributing to help sick clients become well again while working along side Doctors of Veterinary medicine to achieve the best possible care for each client. 

"Morgan, we are so proud of you and appreciate your dedication to AVS. Keep up the great work!"

-AVS Management 

Veterinary Assistant


Kaitlyn is one of our Veterinary Assistants with AVS and works out of our Morgantown, WV (AVS Vet Express) and Uniontown, PA location (Alpha Veterinary Services). Kaitlyn has been part of the Alpha Team since 2017 and still going strong! Before Kaitlyn joined the AVS team, she volunteered with local veterinary clinics and animal shelters. Kaitlyn is a pre-veterinary student with goals to become a Veterinarian. Kaitlyn's favorite parts of her job with AVS are meeting new clients and happy pets aside from cuddling our clinic cats; Ginny, Towbie, & Squirrel. She loves the satisfaction contributing to making sick pets feel better again and working along-side doctors. Outside the practice, Kaitlyn spends her spare time volunteering with a therapeutic horse ranch, studying veterinary medicine & animal therapy.


"Thank you for all that you do Kaitlyn, we are happy to have you as part of the Alpha Team! We believe in you!"

-AVS Management

Veterinary Assistant


Originally from Smithfield, PA, Bekka is one of our valuable Veterinary Assistants at our Uniontown Clinic - Alpha Veterinary Services. She started with AVS through an internship in 2017, was hired on in 2018, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Bekka's favorite parts of her position with AVS is being able to work with pet owners to help give the best possible care for their companions. She also loves meeting and getting to know each client she sees on a daily basis. Bekkas goals include; furthering her education and becoming the best she can be! Her hobbies (outside the veterinary world) include reading, listening to music, photography, making jewelry & other crafts! We are happy to have Bekka as part of the Alpha team!



"I am so happy to be a part of the Alpha family and I'm lucky to be able to do a job that I love to do, each and every day." - Bekka

Veterinary Assistant


Haley is Alpha Veterinary Services lead Veterinary Technician located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 

***More Coming Soon!***

Lead Certified Veterinary Technician


Erin joined Alpha Veterinary Services Veterinary Assistant located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 2017.  Erin is originally from Uniontown, PA and has been in the veterinary industry since 2009.  Erin's favorite parts of her job as a Veterinary Assistant is to be able to snuggle patients, helping to contribute to the healing of sick patients as well as making fearful pets feel more relaxed and trusting. She loves to help guide and provide information to owners when they come to visit to be the best pet parents they can be at home.  Outside her career in the veterinary field, Erin enjoys spending time with her nephew. Erin also loves playing  and caring with her very own group of fur kids. Erin's ultimate goal consists of opening her own shelter and rescue and enjoys the planning of it with her sister and sister-in-law(s). 

"Working at Alpha has been so rewarding. It is nice to work with such a caring team. I love my Alpha family!" 

-Erin Gmutza

Veterinary Assistant


Vanessa is Alpha Veterinary Services Veterinary Technician located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 

***More Coming Soon!***

Veterinary Technician


Originally from Uniontown, PA, Sarah (aka: Roe) is Alpha Veterinary Service's Veterinary Assistant located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Sarah joined the AVS team in 2017 and has a history of volunteerism with local animal shelters and working with horses.   Sarah's favorite parts of her job as a Veterinary Assistant are being able to interact and snuggle with patients, assisting doctors in surgery, and educating clients on preventative and aftercare when they come to visit. On her spare time outside the world of veterinary medicine, she enjoys a variety of activities including; listening to music, skiing, reading, painting, spending time with her friends, family, and her beloved dog, Bella.  Sarah's ultimate goal is to become a veterinary doctor. Sarah idolizes the famous Australian Zoo owned by the Irwin family with goals to someday visit & meet. 

"Thanks for all the hard work you put in each and everyday with Alpha to make it the best it can be! Keep you the good work!"

-AVS Management 

Veterinary Assistant


Earl is AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital's  Veterinary Assistant located in Kingwood, West Virginia. Earl was originally hired on with Mountainland Animal Hospital and stayed on board the transition to AVS Mountainalnd Animal Hospital with an employment length of over 20+ years as a Veterinary Assistant. Earl's goals with AVS are to expand his existing skills and knowledge as we continue to grow.  Earl is originally from Kingwood, WV and continues to call it  his home to this day! His favorite parts of his job are getting to meet and build relationships with clients and their companions as he contributes to assisting doctors with customized treatment plans. On Earls spare time he enjoys being outdoors and fishing. Earl is great with customers and their animal companions. He is adored by all the AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital team and we are happy to have him on board. Earl's big heart and compassionate demeanor make him a perfect fit for AVS!

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the practice, Earl! We appreciate you and all that you do! "

-AVS Management

Veterinary Assistant


Donella is AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital's  Groomer & Veterinary Assistant located in Kingwood, West Virginia. Donella was originally hired on with Mountainland Animal Hospital and stayed on board the transition to AVS Mountainalnd Animal Hospital with an employment length of over 35+ years in the Veterinary industry. Donella is originally from Kingwood, WV and is a dedicated local. Donella got her Veterinary Technician license from AAS Fairmont State University. She is a dedicated Veterinary Technician and loves to provide excellent service to her long-time clients of AVS Mountainland Animal Hosptial. Typically asked for by name, Donella is also a very gifted & skilled groomer who takes pride in her work and clients. Her favorite parts of her job are being able to see the end results of her grooming clients - and rightfully so because they always turn our AMAZING! On her time outside the Practice, Donella enjoys her cats and listening to music. She is an amazing team member and person and is always a pleasure to be around. We are so thrilled she is part of the AVS team and appreciate her to the fullest! 

"Thank you, Donella; for your dedication to the practice and clients. We are happy to have you as part of the team!"

-AVS Management 

Groomer & Veterinary Assistant


Kaitlyn is AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital's Veterinary Assistant located in Kingwood, West Virginia. Originally from Kingwood, WV and still residing in her hometown, she was brought on to AVS in April 2019. Kaitlyn has 2+ experience in the veterinary industry and her goals include providing a friendly experience for clients and their companions - which she is very good at! Kaitlyn's favorite parts of her job are interacting with all the patients and being able to see the same clients and patients on a regular basis. Kaitlyn takes pride in giving the best possible care to all patients and we are so proud to have her as part of the team. Outside her career in veterinary medicine; she is a crazy cat mom to 12 kitties. She loves to go camping, spend time outdoors, and spend time with her friends and family. Kaitlyn continues to expand her skill set and knowledge within AVS Mountainland and we look forward to supporting her career growth! 


"I love the small-town feeling this clinic provides."

-Kaitlyn Watkins

Veterinary Assistant