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Welcome to AVS!

Here at Alpha Veterinary Services, otherwise known as AVS, we have worked hard to be the very best. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, compassionate veterinary care to our clients and their companion animals. We strive to be "Alpha" in the Veterinary industry, continuing to grow and thrive. We provide individual & personal attention to all of our clients and their companion pets’ at every visit.

Our veterinary clinics specialize in dogs and cats but we also see exotics! We focus on preventive medicine, as well as surgical intervention. We take pride in being "Alpha" when it comes to providing a friendly, supportive atmosphere with all of our dedicated professionals.​ 


On Saturday, May 22nd 2021 AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital is hosting a rabies clinic for Preston County in West Virginia between 8am and 1pm at Craig's Civic Center in Kingwood, WV. Dr. Baker and our team are very excited to be offering this service this year in contribution of pet wellness in our community. Visit our Facebook event for available vaccinations and pricing details by Clicking HERE. Please be sure to let us know you will be coming so we can be sure to prepare accordingly. We hope to see you there! 



In October of 2017 a client brought a blind 3-4 month puppy from birth named Fetty to see Dr. Baker for vomiting and diarrhea.  Dr. Baker immediately felt that Fetty needed him and stole his heart. After the tests came back, it was confirmed that Fetty was diagnosed with the deadly canine Parvo Virus. Fetty needed intense immediate hospitalization and 24/7 care to make a full recovery if it was even possible to recover at all. Despite all efforts, the owner unfortunately did not have funds for treatment and wanted the puppy to recover. Dr. Baker offered to adopt, care, and provide treatment to the puppy. Dr. Baker began immediate treatment which took several weeks of care where he was able to make a full recovery. Fetty was shortly renamed “Bocelli” after his adoption by the Baker family after the last name of an Italian opera singer, songwriter, and producer - Andrea Bocelli who is also blind. Bocelli now almost 2 years old and lives a healthy, playful, and active life despite his disability. Dr. Baker brings Bocelli with him everywhere, whether at home, going out, and even to work where he is given constant attention. To the normal eye, you can hardly tell he is blind  thanks to Dr. Baker's time and dedication to train him to navigate around. Bocelli enjoys going everywhere and has some kitty siblings at home and 2 small children to play with. It is safe to say that Bocelli could not be happier with the Baker family who love him dearly.



Meet Boris! He was a stray brought into the clinic by a Good Samaritan who explained that he wasn’t eating and had terrible wound on his back. Nervously they thought he needed to be euthanized based on Boris's current state. After Dr. Amy's examination, Boris was surprisingly in relatively good shape! When his carrier was opened in the treatment area, Boris went straight for a food bowl and started devouring the food.  Poor Boris was so emaciated. He was extremely dirty and his fur was matted in many different places. Our staff member; Bekka was holding while he was shaved and Boris started rubbing his head on her hand and asking for attention. It was then that she started falling in love with the little guy. Bekka decided right away that she would keep him. After treatment, a neuter, two dental procedures and a lot of TLC, Boris morphed into his true self. 


If you are a client of AVS and have an extraordinary pet with an extraordinary story, submit your nomination for dog or cat of the month, email us today for a chance to be featured on our web page! 

Ask about our multiple pet discount!
To help lower the costs of multiple pet owners, we created a discount plan for our fellow animal lovers! 
Discounts may vary per location. 
$​5.00 Off per Pet
Effective: 02/2019
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