Volunteer for Alpha Veterinary Services

Alpha Veterinary Services takes pride in serving as leaders of our industry, as well as guiding aspiring animal lovers and pre-veterinary students of medicine to the path to success. We welcome volunteers & students to work side by side with staff providing care for pets, advocating for animals, and educating others about the importance of animal health. Are you looking for a way to make a difference for animals? Check out the many volunteer opportunities at Alpha below. Get involved today!

Volunteer Areas

  • Job Shadowing
  • Pre-Veterinary Student of Medicine Pathway
  • Pre-Veterinary Technician Pathway
  • Veterinary Assistant​
  • Kennel Assistant​
  • Dog Walker (Select Locations)
  • Dog Kennel Cleaning Assistant (Select Locations)
  • Dog Kennel Attendant (Select Locations)
  • Receptionist/Scheduler

Why Choose Us?

  • Providing High Quality Care for Pets
  • Individualized Pet Care Plans for All Our Pets
  • We Care About Your Pets as Our Own
  • Going Above & Beyond Since 2014
Does Your Furry Family Member Need Attention?

Getting Started Is Easy

If you're interested in volunteering with Alpha Veterinary Services, please follow these steps:

  • Be of age. Volunteer positions have a minimum age requirement of 18.
  • Know which clinic you would like to volunteer at. We have several clinic locations and knowing the closest location to you will help us with potential placement. Please consider the potential commute before applying to volunteer.
  • Submit a volunteer letter of request online and tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Complete a volunteer application sent in response to your volunteer letter of request.
  • Attend an orientation. You will learn about the volunteer positions available at Alpha Veterinary Services, our history, and policies.
  • Choose a position and shift. Peruse the volunteer position descriptions to see what kinds of positions are available.
  • Make a commitment. There are some flexible options.

Please note:​

Alpha Veterinary Services cannot accommodate those seeking to fulfill court-ordered community service at this time.

  • Dr. Amy  Nicewonger Photo
    Dr. Amy Nicewonger

    Lead Veterinarian

    Not only is Dr. Amy one of our best but she is also our Lead Veterinarian at our Alpha Veterinary Services Hospital in Uniontown, PA. Dr. Amy helped form our hospital to what it is today and joined AVS as a partner. She continues to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine to all our patients as she has since our grand opening in 2014. Dr. Amy treats her patients as if they were her own, we are very lucky to have her and couldn't imagine the hospital without her. One of Dr. Amy's many ...
  • Dr. Breanna  Lincoski Photo
    Dr. Breanna Lincoski

    Associate Veterinarian

    Meet Dr. Breanna Lincoksi! Dr. Lincoski practices at our Alpha Veterinary Services location in Uniontown, PA. Dr. Lincoski completed her Bachelors Degree in Biology and minored in Chemistry then continued on to graduate with her Doctorate from The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicene in 2021. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Lincoski joined us shortly after. Dr. Lincoski always knew she wanted to become a Veterinarian but it wasn't until her family dog, Archer passed on while she ...
  • Dr. Ashley  Zieglar Photo
    Dr. Ashley Zieglar

    Associate Veterinarian

    A bright and refreshing addition to the AVS team in 2019 was Dr. Ashley Zieglar who practices veterinary medicine at our Alpha Veterinary Services in Uniontown, PA hospital. Dr. Zieglar is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up in Greene County, Pennsylvania on a beef cattle farm. Dr. Zieglar holds a special interest in agriculture close to her heart and was very active in 4-H where she was inspired to start her very own sheep flock. In her free time ...
  • Dr. Tiffani  Crum Photo
    Dr. Tiffani Crum

    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Tiffani Crum was born and grew up in Uniontown, PA. After graduating from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, she returned home and has been practicing in southwestern Pennsylvania for over 12 years. Dr. Crum has a special interest in animal behavior and training and sees appointments for behavioral problems in both dogs and cats. She has received extra training in handling pets that can be difficult to examine and is Fear Free and Low Stress Handling Certified. Dr. ...
  • Tara  Cramer Photo
    Tara Cramer

    Office Manager

    Born and raised in Fayette County, Pa, Tara began her career in veterinary medicine in 2011 at a small animal practice, where she gained valuable experience before joining the AVS team in 2019. Working with the fantastic Veterinarians at Alpha has been so rewarding, helping her expand her expertise and eventually land the role of Office Manager. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time outside or hanging out with loved ones.
  • Courtney  Starkweather Photo
    Courtney Starkweather

    Lead Veterinary Technician

    My name is Courtney and I have been a Credentialed Veterinary Technician since 2010. I have worked in various areas of Veterinary Medicine as well as several states, General practice is where my heart is. I love building relationships with clients and pets and guiding them through pet ownership at all stages of life. At Alpha Veterinary Services we strive to provide mentorship to emerging Veterinarians, Technicians and Assistants, as Lead Veterinary Technician I get to take part first hand in ...
  • Neely  Anderson Photo
    Neely Anderson

    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Neeley has been in the veterinary field since May 2014. She attended Pierpont Community and Technical College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in May 2017. She then went on to pass her VTNE that same year, giving her a license in veterinary technology. After further exposure in the field, Neeley decided that she wanted to specialize in canine rehabilitation. In order to do so, she was enrolled through the University of Tennessee Knoxville, where she completed the ...
  • Alyona  Glover Photo
    Alyona Glover

    Veterinary Technician Assistant

  • Alexis  Martin Photo
    Alexis Martin

    Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Alexis Martin is a Veterinary Assistant at Alpha Veterinary Services, who is continuing her schooling at Pennfoster. Her area of expertise pertains to exotic animals and enjoys helping owners learn how to do the best husbandry for their pets. Her own pets include a cat, three parrots, a chinchilla, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, a tarantula, jumping spider, and a scorpion! When not caring for her pets, her hobbies are going on nature walks, continuing her education regarding animals, and rea ...
  • C S
    Chloe Showalter

    Veterinary Technician Assistant

  • Melissa  Coll Photo
    Melissa Coll

    Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Melissa has been working with animals professionally since 2012 and joined the team at AVS is 2018. In addition to our clinic, she has worked as a pet sitter, pet resort manager, animal shelter attendant, and wellness clinic assistant. Melissa has always had a love for animals but found a special interest in veterinary medicine when her own dog, Ryleigh, developed a mysterious medical condition at 6 months old. She learned everything that she could to give Ryleigh the healthiest life possible ...