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Providing Complete Pet Diagnostic Services

When your pet is not feeling their best, it can be hard to determine what is ailing them. Our pets cannot tell us what is making them feel ill. Diagnostic testing can provide answers when you are at a loss. At Alpha Veterinary Services, we offer diagnostic testing services in Uniontown to help us address your pet’s health problems. Our highly skilled team of veterinarians will help you get a fuller picture of your pet’s health with our in-house diagnostic tools. With tools such as laboratory testing, radiography, and ultrasonography, our team is equipped to investigate your pet’s condition. You can rely on Alpha Veterinary Services for high-quality diagnostic care when you need it most.

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Laboratory Testing Services

One of the key tools in our diagnostic arsenal is laboratory testing. Often, laboratory testing is included in your pet’s regular wellness exams. However, laboratory testing can also be an essential tool in determining what is ailing your pet when you bring them in for a sick visit.

Laboratory testing can include tests such as:

  • Blood chemistry panels
  • Complete blood count tests
  • Fecal analysis
  • Urinalysis

There are a broad range of tests not included in the list above, which details some of the most common laboratory tests available for our diagnostic care. The tests listed above are a good starting point for diagnosing many diseases and other ailments, such as parasitic infections. Depending on what is ailing your pet, our veterinary team may order a variety of laboratory tests to check for things like organ function, hormone levels, or even pregnancy. We will help you understand the results of these tests and what it means for your pet.

Radiography & Ultrasonography

Two other key tools in the arsenal of diagnostic testing are radiography and ultrasonography. Both imaging technologies allow our veterinarians to see beyond your pet’s fur and examine their musculoskeletal structure or internal organs. Depending on what your veterinarian is looking for, we may recommend either X-rays or ultrasounds to get a closer look at your pet’s health. X-rays are used for the solid or dense parts of your pet’s body, such as bones and some muscles or tendons, while ultrasounds are better suited for examining organs or fetuses. Both techniques are totally non-invasive and pain-free, which means that you do not have to worry about your pet undergoing non-essential procedures

Choose Diagnostic Care at Alpha Veterinary Services

When your pet is experiencing issues with their health, it is important that you get answers quickly to effectively treat their condition. At Alpha Veterinary Services, we are pleased to offer diagnostic care options to help you understand your pet’s health. We use the latest technologies to help us identify your pet’s conditions, allowing us to begin treatment quickly and effectively. Diagnostic care is the next best thing to speaking your pet’s language! With our team, you can be sure that your pet is in good hands.

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  • “I LOVE this veterinary office! They're so great with all of my dogs! The doctor and tech both loved up on the 2 I had there today and made sure they were comfortable. All in all, highly recommend!”

    - Katie B.

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