Veterinary Tech Lead

Erin originally joined us as a Veterinary Assistant at our Uniontown, Pennsylvania hospital in 2017 and is now a Vet Tech Team Leader. Erin is originally from Uniontown, PA and has been in the veterinary industry since 2009. Erin's favorite parts of her job as a Veterinary Assistant is to be able to snuggle patients, helping to contribute to the healing of sick patients as well as making fearful pets feel more relaxed and trusting. She loves to help guide and provide information to owners when they come to visit to be the best pet parents they can be at home. Outside her career in the veterinary field, Erin enjoys spending time with her nephew. Erin also loves playing and caring with her very own group of fur kids. Erin's ultimate goal consists of opening her own shelter and rescue and enjoys the planning of it with her sister and sister-in-law(s). We love Erin's compassion, creativity, and heart! We highly value Erin and appreciate all she does here at AVS.

"Working at Alpha has been so rewarding. It is nice to work with such a caring team. I love my Alpha family!"

-Erin Gmutza