Veterinary Technician Assistant

Earl is AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital's Veterinary Assistant located in Kingwood, West Virginia. Earl was originally hired on with Mountainland Animal Hospital and stayed on board the transition to AVS Mountainalnd Animal Hospital with an employment length of over 20+ years as a Veterinary Assistant. Earl's goals with AVS are to expand his existing skills and knowledge as we continue to grow. Earl is originally from Kingwood, WV and continues to call it his home to this day! His favorite parts of his job are getting to meet and build relationships with clients and their companions as he contributes to assisting doctors with customized treatment plans. On Earls spare time he enjoys being outdoors and fishing. Earl is great with customers and their animal companions. He is adored by all the AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital team and we are happy to have him on board. Earl's big heart and compassionate demeanor make him a perfect fit for AVS!

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the practice, Earl! We appreciate you and all that you do! "

-AVS Management