Veterinary Assistant & Groomer

Phone: 304-329-1586

Donella is AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital's Groomer & Veterinary Assistant located in Kingwood, West Virginia. Donella was originally hired on with Mountainland Animal Hospital and stayed on board the transition to AVS Mountainalnd Animal Hospital with an employment length of over 35+ years in the Veterinary industry. Donella is originally from Kingwood, WV and is a dedicated local. Donella got her Veterinary Technician license from AAS Fairmont State University. She is a dedicated Veterinary Technician and loves to provide excellent service to her long-time clients of AVS Mountainland Animal Hosptial. Typically asked for by name, Donella is also a very gifted & skilled groomer who takes pride in her work and clients. Her favorite parts of her job are being able to see the end results of her grooming clients - and rightfully so because they always turn our AMAZING! On her time outside the Practice, Donella enjoys her cats and listening to music. She is an amazing team member and person and is always a pleasure to be around. We are so thrilled she is part of the AVS team and appreciate her to the fullest!

"Thank you, Donella for your dedication to the practice and clients. We are happy to have you as part of the team!"

-AVS Management