We contribute to your pets' wellness by following your pet through the many phases of their lives providing the highest quality of care with focusing on wellness, prevention, parasite control, diet, and nutrition. ***Services available at all locations***

Urgent Care

Our urgent care service is for when you pet needs to be seen quicker and our regular appointment openings are booked. An urgent care can be double booked so that we can care for your pets urgent health care concern. ***Service available at all locations***


An ultrasound exam is an important, non-invasive, diagnostic test that allows our veterinarians to look inside your pet’s body without having to perform surgery. In most cases, your pet does not need to be under anesthesia for the ultrasound exam. **Service available at Morgantown, WV and Kingwood, WV locations***


Our surgical procedures include spays, neuters, intervention, exploratory, orthopedic, soft tissue, and more! **Most services available at all locations - Orthopedic and TTA cruciate repairs available at Morgantown, WV location ***


We’re equipped to perform routine radiography services to identify many types of illness or injury when pets are sick or suffer a trauma. **Service available at all locations - Dental Radiopgraphy available at Uniontown, PA location only***


Grooming services are provided and can also be scheduled in conjunction with wellness and preventative services. **Service available at Kingwood, WV location***


Diagnostic testing can be used to determine existing health issues as well as a preventative measure to identify if your pet is at higher risk for certain illnesses or conditions. ***Service available at all locations***


Annual dental exams and cleanings are recommended to protect your pet from many health problems and help them maintain a healthy and clean mouth. **Service available at all locations***


No matter where you’re going, or where you’re coming from, rest assured that our priority is keeping your furry friend happy, healthy and safe. **Service available at Kingwood, WV location***