Dr.  Ben Baker is our Alpha Veterinary Doctor and Founder of AVS. Dr. Baker is not only our top valued Veterinarian & leader but has built AVS from the ground up. With the expansion of AVS to (3) Northeastern locations, Dr. Baker continues to make sure AVS is "Alpha" of our industry at all times. Throughout his entire childhood, he always knew he wanted to become a Veterinarian and has a passion for animals of all walks of life. Dr. Baker is typically asked for by name due to his thorough veterinary practices and kind demeanor. Not only does he take his work seriously, he brightens a room with his warm personality of compassion with all his clients and their companions. Dr. Baker is a graduate of WVU and Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and has always taken pride in his work and clients. He has dedicated himself to saving animals in need. Dr. Baker has taken his career to the next level by sharing his knowledge by providing fellow DVM's with the opportunity to start their own practices with  AVS. 

DVM & Founder


Dr. Bob Fraley is our AVS Veterinarian and Partner serving clients out of our AVS Vet Express - Morgantown, WV clinic location and who joined our team in 2019! He is originally from and grew up in Bruceton Mills, WV. Dr. Fraley is very passionate about the quality of care his patients receive and takes pride in his career.  One of his beloved qualities is his kind, calm, and sociable demeanor he generously shares with everyone he meets. Dr. Fraley completed his Bachelors of Science in Animal and Veterinary Science at West Virginia University in 2003 and continued on to The Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine where he graduated with his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Dr. Fraley is very reputable in the Veterinary industry and community with over a decade of veterinary experience including general medicine, orthopedic surgery, TTA cruciate repairs, ultrasound, chemotherapy treatments, and more! Outside of the world of veterinary medicine; Dr. Fraley enjoys spending quality time with his family, fishing on his boat, being outdoors, and tending to his 2 dogs named Toto and Mas.

DVM & Partner


A bright and refreshing addition to the AVS team; meet Dr. Ashley Zieglar, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) who joined us at AVS Mountainland in June 2019! Dr. Zieglar is a 2019 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up in Greene County, Pennsylvania on a beef cattle farm. Dr. Zeiglar holds a special interest in agriculture close to her heart and was very active in 4-H where she was inspired to start her very own sheep flock. In her free time outside the world of Veterinary Medicine, she continues to raise cattle and sheep with her family. Dr. Zeiglar is adored by all staff, clients, and patients. She is known for her caring, kind, and friendly demeanor and has a heart of gold.  The compassionate level of care she provides to each & every one of her patients and clients is extraordinary to witness. She is a crazy cat mom to a spoiled rotten calico named Fuzzy Butt. Ashley is hoping to eventually bring a large animal medical service to the AVS brand.


"We cannot express how excited to have have Dr.  Zieglar as part of the AVS team and are thrilled to be working with her during the next stage of her career."




Not only is Dr. Amy one of our best Veterinary doctors but she is also partner of our Uniontown Clinic and has been involved from our grand opening day of AVS. Dr. Amy is adored by her clients, patients, and staff and steals their hearts from the start.  One of Dr. Amy's many beloved qualities are that she dedicates herself to serve as great mentor and teacher to her team and inspiring Veterinary Doctors. Dr. Amy takes her time with her clients and their companions by providing the highest quality of care and connects with them like no other. She understands the connections her clients have with their companions and takes pride in explaining in depth the best customized possible treatments and options. One of Dr. Amy's greatest passions of her career is to watch her life-long clients grow into adulthood and forming a unique bond with each of them. She always has her patients best interests at heart. A graduate from Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, she has always been at top of her game, loves her clients and their companions, and is always in high demand. 

DVM & Partner


For those of you who haven't met Dr. Jenkins yet, you have been missing out! Dr. Jenkins cares for clients out of our Uniontown, PA clinic location and his passion for animals is contagious. Dr. Jenkins joined the AVS team in 2017 and stayed with Alpha ever since. Dr. Jenkins is very highly valued & always in demand; not only by AVS but also by staff, clients, & our client companions! Always ready to rise to the challenge, Dr. Jenkins' veterinary practices are thorough, explained to perfection, and he always has his patients best interest at heart. Dr. Jenkins connections with his patients are extraordinary to witness and grow to become life-long after just #1 visit. We are so happy and proud to have Dr. Jenkins as part of the Alpha team and value his presence each and every day! Dr. Jenkins graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and continues to dedicate himself, serve as a leader and mentor to our staff, & to save and treat animals in need.  



This is Dr. Ruth Ann Vandevender and she is one of our very valuable Veterinarians’ who cares for patients out of our AVS Mountainland Animal Hospital in Kingwood, WV clinic. She is joining the AVS team in September of 2019. Dr. Vandevender or otherwise commonly known as “Dr. V” has worked primarily in small animal emergency and critical care medicine all of her career. She graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30+ years. Dr. V enjoys and is most excited about working one on one with clients and their companions to build and grow relationships. Although Dr. V enjoys the company of all walks of life, she holds a special interest in feline medicine close to her heart. She is an avid WVU fan and member of the WVU Alumni Band. On her spare time outside the veterinary world, she enjoys tending to her 30 beehives and organic blueberry and raspberry farm. She also enjoys caring for her extended family assortment of special needs feline fur kids, 4 dogs, chickens, guineas, and ducks! Dr. V is very reputable in the community with an extraordinary skill set and experience in the industry.


"We just cannot contain our excitement to have Dr. V join team here at AVS!" -AVS